Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things To Do Before Going Back To Hong Kong...

1. Satisfy all Malaysian food cravings
2. Buying snacks to bring back to HK
3. Packing
4. Buy stuff for myself (eg : LBD, fedora and etc etc)
5. Seeing everyone for one last time
6. Get over turning 20
- Seriously my mum's not helping she constantly reminds me how close I am to turning 30 >.<
Thanks mum ....
7. Persuade my dad to let me go clubbing ... to zouk hopefully...

So little time so much to do...

On a brighter note my internship at kpmg is ending soon and i knew that

I would be on the cover of vogue ;)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

If I Told You....

I can't figure out your game
Would you stop dead in your tracks
Turn around and smile
and explain the game that your playing

or would you just turn around and smile
with your pokerface and pretend
that there is no game...

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hey All

Dreams are a glimpse of our subconcious

I had a very weird dream last night. I woke up feeling strangely emo. I couldn't remember the dream that much but I remember seeing three pairs of black scissors in a mug on my working desk.

I'm at work now and there's no scissor but just a mug on my desk... I think i might be going insane from the lack of rest i'm getting.

But they say that the dreams that we remember are the dreams that mean something. I've googled and apparently it means that my focus is being divided into too many different directions...Well i guess that is partially true given what has happened the night before...

Either way, Its going to be alright ;)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Wrong Place? Wrong Time?

The problem with making a decision is that you'll never know which decision is the right one until it all plays out right until the end of the whole thing which is the final outcome...

Unfortunately right now... I feel like I've made the wrong choice... for some reason I refuse to wait until the end of the whole entire thing... I'm just very sick and tired of it all... I'm just so restless for it to all end cause I have for some reason made up my mind about it already...

People keep on telling me that I'm just at the wrong place at the wrong time... but hey what do I know about this area in life after all i'm not yet an adult...

" trust me ... it will work out" thats what you always say and thats what you only always say...

Your words are merely words.. and thats all their always be to me...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Nasi Lemak Revelations...

After being at home for about a month now
I just realise I haven't eaten that one thing that 've been craving for when I was in hk
My favourite Nasi Lemak Cikgu

*insert nasi lemak picture here*

I don't know why i never suggested that to my parents...
I should have they would have moved mountains to get me some
Cause they want me to gain weight :)

I realise that I always say that i want to do something but i never got around to doing it
cause most of the time I forget about it or i keep delaying it cause i know i can do it tomorrow...

oh well

My short break is up time to get back to work :)